release my mask

2007ǯ0830() im tired

i love you.

i miss you.

i know well never be together,
but i still love you.

this is unusual feeling for me.

i seldom fell into love with somebody,
but now, i really really want you.

i want you.

my heart yells,

yells your name...

after all, i knew you have a girl friend.

where can i bary my feeling...
my love for you.

i want to cry,
but i can't cry.

i don't know why.

everything is over.

it's over now.

i know it.

it was already ended before it starts.

yesterday, i realised it.

i was just a fool.

but i'm sure that i wanted to be a fool.

cos i loved you.

i lover you even now.

i want to forget you.

i want to live in piece...